Monday, 30 September 2013

a little cold

Wow couldn't believe it - logged onto my post and the view count told me that at least 30 people had visited yesterday *yay*.  This is a bonus but I actually do this blog for me but if people read it that's ok.

Reason for the title - I'm feeling ill.  Got a head cold and I'm an absolute baby when it comes to them, just want to curl up on the sofa and veg out watching TV which would be a good thing since I have loads to catch up with on my Tivo.  Won't actually be inworld much for the next week between work and feeling like crap so will probably only log on a couple of times a day just to get whatever notices get sent out.  But here's the great bit of news I have two weeks holiday starting this weekend which means I can finish sorting my inventory and hopefully start exploring the grid as I haven't done much besides shop and go hunting.

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